Have philosophy pay per real actions? Check out an attractive package when you pay for results only! How this package works?

  • Client provide the materials(products descriptions, price lists and etc.)
  • Open Russian Market starts to communicate this information to local companies - potential distributors.
  • Open Russian Market provides initial negotiations with local companies and invite client to visit Russia and have meetings with future partners.
  • Open Russian Market assist client during business trip to Russia and meetings with future customers(assistance includes interpreting, help to represent the products and other options by request of client)

        Charges according to package:
        Open Russian Market charge €500 per each day* of clients business trip and negotiations + travel costs if
        *The average number of meetings during one working day is 4-5
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        Have questions? Please apply to info@openrussianmarket.com or Skype: openrussianmarket.com

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