Are you looking to distribute products and services in Russia and CIS?

Would you like to start immediatelly?

Check out the range of services we offer to small and medium compaines with the purpose to start commercial operations in this attractive region:

  • Translations(presentations, price lists and etc.)
  • Search for importers and distributors.
  • Activities to attract targeted audience.
  • Advertisement campaigns in specialized business catalogs and magazines.
  • Online campaigns on web sites, billboards and blogs.
  • Direct mail and e-mail marketing
  • Distribution of printing materials during the exhibitions, events with targeted audience
  • Assistance during meetings and negotiations.
Our recent projects delivered to SMBs: GBI Racing Aenaon Properties
Dizayn VIP Martin Gale Luvolga LDA
Heritage Tea Marcochem Houben
Spain Property Gaming Portal Hlobislov

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Breaking news

  • Bank of Russia slashes discount rate to all-time low
  • Russia's fixed investment down
  • Unemployment soars in January
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